Professional Environmental Recreation Consultants Ltd. (PERC)

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Professional Environmental Recreation Consultants Ltd. (PERC) was founded in 1975 in Calgary, Alberta and currently operates from its base in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The firm deals with all aspects of the delivery of leisure services, including culture, sport, parks and open space.

 PERC is comprised of seasoned professionals with extensive demonstrated ability and proven experience in Canada, Great Britain, and the United States.  We have completed over 1000 research, planning and consulting projects throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest, making us more experienced in this specialized field of leisure service planning than any other firm in the country.

Working for all levels of government, as well as for design professionals and private sector clients, PERC has undertaken:

  • More than 200 parks, recreational and cultural long-range planning studies,
  • Dozens of feasibility studies on specific proposed recreation and cultural facilities,
  • Management studies and service audits for leisure service agencies,
  • Input to the design of a variety of recreation complexes for architects, engineers and public sector clients,
  • Policy, program and research studies for local and provincial governments,
  • Needs assessments for parks, recreation, cultural and community services agencies,

PERC has pioneered such concepts and technologies as public/private partnerships in leisure services, cost/benefit analysis for public sector services, computer applications for leisure service agencies, facility priority indexing, regional recreation delivery systems and service evaluation models.