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Market Research and Needs Assessments

PERC has also perfected a number of survey research techniques and other ways of approaching Needs Assessments as part of market reseearch.  These are often used in Master Plans but are sometimes commissioned separately.  More recent examples are listed below.


2015 Regional District of Nanaimo, BC                                                    Facility User Survey
2013 Township of Langley, BC                                                                 Aldergrove Aquatics Needs Assessment
2013 City of Calgary, AB                                                                           Inner City Recreation Needs Assessment
2012 Kitsilano Community Centre, BC                                                      Needs Assessment for Vancouver based Community Centre
2012 Douglas Park Community Centre, BC                                              Needs Assessment for Vancouver based Community Centre
2010 Vulcan County, AB                                                                           Pool, Arena and Curling Rink Facilities Needs Assessment
2010 Vancouver, BC                                                                                 North False Creek Recreation Facilities Needs Assessment
2009 Richmond, BC                                                                                  Needs Assessment Update (with Concerto Research Inc.)
2008 Vancouver, BC                                                                                 Community Centre Core Services Review
2006 Cowichan Valley Regional District                                                    Needs Assessment in Shawnigan Lake
2006 Hermiston, Oregon                                                                           District Needs Assessment
2003 Powell River, BC                                                                              Referendum for $6.5 million Complex Retrofit
2002 Richmond, BC (with W&J Consultants)                                            Parks Recreation and Cultural Needs Assessment
1999 Peninsula, BC                                                                                   Leisure Service Needs Assessment
1999 Strathcona Park, BC (Reg. Dist. of Comox Strathcona)                   Facility Study
1998 Chilliwack, BC                                                                                   Pool Needs Assessment
1997 White Rock, BC                                                                                Recreation Needs Assessment
1997 Osoyoos, BC                                                                                    Recreation Needs Assessment