needs assessments

Separate demands from real needs, prioritize the needs, and identify options for meeting the highest priorities.

feasibility Studies

Identify needs, translate them into space requirements, prioritize those spaces, recommend best location, and develop a capital and operating budget.

business plans

Build the case for a new initiative or facility, deal with the tradeoffs between all costs and all benefits, and set up an evaluation system to track progress.

input to facility design

Assist professional designers with how to translate identified needs into specific spaces, show which need to bundled together, manage circulation and control systems, and help to prioritize when all the spaces can't be developed at one time.


market research

Demand is different than need. The latter is a subset of the former. Identifying need is much harder than simply measuring demand.

Professional Environmental Recreation Consultants Ltd. (PERC)

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Master plans

Long range plans to identify needs, set priorities, develop strategies and lay it all out in an implementation framework.

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